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About Electric Drums

Electric Drums are designed for convenience and versatility. Whether you're looking for an electric drum kit for home use or for gigging with, a percussion pad to add to your acoustic kit or a drum machine for recording rock, electro and jazz music, electric drums bring a lot to the table. Allowing you to switch from the most synthetic and robotic sounds to realistic acoustic sounds at the push of a button, electric drums bring ease and a fluid workflow to whatever your drumming needs are.

We also stock an amazing range of electric drum accessories including electric drum pads, triggers and stands for expanding your drum kits; sampling drum machines and modules for adding any sound you want to your music; and drum monitors for amplifying your electronic drums.

Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Drums

You need a kick trigger such as the Roland RT-30K to attach to your kick drum, which is then fed to a sampling percussion pad such as the Alesis SamplePad Pro or the Roland SPD-SX. The percussion pad will produce a kick sample every time you hit your kick drum and you will be able to assign whatever samples you want to use to the pads on the unit, including the all important sub-bass-drop...just hit the pad with your stick and boom!
A hybrid drum kit is constructed by adding electronic components and sounds to your acoustic drum setup. Sounds can be triggered by hitting a pad on an electronic percussion pad or by attaching a trigger to one of your acoustic drums for layering electronic and acoustic sounds together. Some of the best products for achieving this sort of setup are the Roland TM-6PRO and RT-MICS trigger modules, the Roland SPD::One, SPD-SX and SPD-30 percussion pads and Nord's Drum 3P.