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About Fender Accessories

Fender accessories are available at every UK guitarguitar store or can be ordered online. Fender are arguably the most iconic electric guitar company in history and their logo is very recognisable. The brand offer a large range of accessories including straps, cables and gig bags. These are good quality items and make a great additional purchase when choosing a guitar. They also make excellent gifts!

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Accessories

Yes, the ends that connect a strap to a guitar are universal and Fender straps should fit absolutely any guitar, bass or acoustic guitar, provided it has standard strap buttons! All Fender straps are adjustable, allowing you to find your optimum height.
If you plug your guitar straight into an amp and just play at home, a cable of 10-15ft should be fine. This length is good for connecting your guitar to your pedals too. If you play live, a couple of 20ft cables will be more appropriate. Longer cables do eat up small amounts of signal but we think it is better to feel free on stage than to worry about the practical problems of short cables.
In addition to Fender cables, gig bags and straps, we carry strap locks, guitar strings (Fender Bullets in gauges 9 and 10), AB/Y footswitches and footswitches for amps.