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About Yamaha Acoustic Guitars

Yamaha produce a wide variety of acoustic guitar models that rank among the most popular acoustic guitars we sell. They have been making them for several decades now and have expanded their range to provide plenty of choice in terms of shape, size and specification. From the compact APX electro acoustics to the large CPX range, Yamaha have proven that they are a major force in the world of acoustic guitars.

Looking for an entry level acoustic? Or a nylon string classical? Perhaps you're after a solid timber electro acoustic for the stage?

As one of the UK's largest authorised Yamaha dealers, we keep a large and selection of Yamaha acoustic guitars in stock at all of our stores. We provide you with the best selection and the best service.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Guitars

The most popular Yamaha acoustic guitar is the F310. The F310 is an entry level dreadnought guitar and is sold as a guitar package with lots of accessories. This gets new players off to a flying start!
These are the main Yamaha steel string guitar ranges: APX, CPX, FG and FS.
The Transacoustic technology, found on guitars like the LS-TA, is unique and was developed by Yamaha. It simulates the natural reverb and chorus effects that occur when you play in an acoustically superb room. The idea is that the guitar just sounds much better in a natural way. This unit, powered by batteries, has a couple of controls to determine how much reverb and chorus you want in your sound. In practice, this sounds very convincing when set properly. There is an extra dimension to the sounds that really open up the sound and enliven your playing.
Acoustic guitars made with all-solid timbers are never cheap. They are some of the best sounding guitars in any given company and Yamaha are no exception. Given that, Yamaha's LL16 ALE is an exceptional acoustic guitar. It boasts all-solid construction and is a very reasonable price! The LL16 ALE is made with solid Spruce for the top and solid Rosewood for the body. This combination is classic and produces brilliant results.