Yamaha Silent Guitars

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About Yamaha Silent Guitars

Yamaha Silent Guitars are the ideal solution for the guitarist who needs to able to practice or play anywhere, anytime, in any environment. With no large acoustic guitar body to amplify the tone, the Silent Guitar is just that, near silent! You'll only hear the direct string sound, like an unplugged electric guitar!

The Silent Guitar comes in steel string and nylon string models, and features a high quality onboard preamp with inbuilt FX and a headphone out, so you can hear yourself at good volume when practicing, regardless of how loud your room is, or how quiet you need to be! Most of our Yamaha Silent guitars come included with a gig bag.


Why Should I Choose a Yamaha Silent Guitar?

  • Lets you practice silently when you need to
  • Headphone output lets you practice anywhere, regardless of any ambient noise.
  • The Silent Guitar is a legitimately high quality guitar with an excellent amplified tone

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Silent Guitars

Question: Are Yamaha Silent Guitars worth it?
Absolutely! Like all Yamaha guitars, the Silent Guitar is built to a superb standard at a great price.
Question: How does the Yamaha Silent Guitar work?
In simple terms, the Yamaha Silent Guitar is just an acoustic guitar without the bog box body to produce and amplify the acoustic sound, so you only hear the strings! However, Yamaha Silent guitars feature an undersaddle pickup and preamp so you can plug in headphones to hear your amplified tone at a really good personal volume, while still playing silently in the room.
Question: Is the Yamaha Silent Guitar really silent?
Near enough! Without the rest of a traditional acoustic guitar's big body to amplify the sound, all you really hear is the direct string tone. It's comparable to playing a solid body electric guitar unplugged.
Question: What strings are on a Yamaha Silent Guitar?
Yamaha Silent Guitars are strung with standard acoustic guitar strings! Standard steel acoustic guitar strings for the SLG200S models, and standard nylon classical guitar strings for the SLG200N models.
Question: What is a Yamaha Silent Guitar?
The Yamaha Silent Guitar is the ideal solution to quiet home practicing, giving you a high quality, full size steel or nylon strung guitar, without the accompanying volume.