Yamaha Silent Guitars

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About Yamaha Silent Guitars

Yamaha Silent guitars provide guitarists the platform to practice anywhere without fear of disturbing those close by. This unique instrument is designed to be collapsible for ultimate portability and can be used either with headphones or into an amp or PA system for live performance with the built in line out jack. Practice anywhere with a quality instrument, complete with onboard digital ambient stereo effects to enhance your playing experience.

The Yamaha SLG200 Silent guitar range includes both steel and nylon string instruments to suit your preference. Perfect practice is assured by the addition of a line in jack to let you connect a device and jam along with your favourite tracks. The Yamaha Silent guitar has a thin body for a comfortable, electric guitar-like playing experience. Acoustic guitarists who play live will be freed from the problems of feedback and will also enjoy the increased mobility that this slimmed down, elegant design promotes.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Silent Guitars

Question: Is the Yamaha Silent Guitar full sized or travel sized?
The Yamaha Silent Guitar is full sized! The scale length changed ever so slightly between the steel string (25") and the nylon string (25 9/16") models but both are absolutely full sized guitars! They pack down to a very slim profile and are therefore very easy to transport.
Question: Do these guitars come with gig bags?
Yes, the Yamaha Silent guitars come with their own custom made gig bags! These are high quality, padded bags with backpack straps for allowing you to easily communte with it.
Question: What are the built in effects?
The Yamaha Silent guitar has some quality built in digital effects to sweeten the tone and make your solo practise more fun and interesting. Onboard, you'll find two reverbs, a chorus and a chromatic tuner.
Question: Can I use effects pedals with my Silent guitar?
Yes, if you are using the guitar with an external speaker or amplifier. Just connect up as usual, bearing in mind you may need to keep an eye on volume levels just as you would on any electro acoustic guitar. If you have a multi-fx or other type of processor and want to play along silently, connect the Yamaha Silent guitar to your effects unit but use the effects unit's headphone jack to connect to rather than the headphone jack in the guitar.