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About Dunlop Pedals

Dunlop pedals are a large part of the Jim Dunlop company. Dunlop own many famous pedal brands including MXR, Way Huge and Authentic Hendrix. Their most famous product is the Crybaby Wah pedal, of which there are now dozens of versions.

Dunlop pedals are hugely popular. They have an incredible variety of products. Many of these are special edition and Artist signature models. The Dunlop Crybaby is the most popular Wah pedal in the world by far.

See for yourself what so many guitarists already know. Try out some Dunlop pedals at your local guitarguitar store. As a major authorised UK Dunlop dealer, we have a wide range of pedals available in each of our showrooms. You can also browse our entire selection online.