6 String Bass Guitars

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About 6 String Bass Guitars

6 string bass guitars are a modern, progressive advancement in the art of bass guitars. At guitarguitar we stock a selection of 6 string basses from brands including Ibanez, Mayones, Music Man, Squier and more. We stock a particularly large selection from Ibanez. This includes some extremely eye catching models such as the amazing Fanned fret SRFF806. 6 string basses are normally tuned B-E-A-D-G-C, low to high, though a B is sometimes used at the top too.

As well as this type of bass, we also stock a few 'hybrid' instruments that lie somewhere between a guitar and a bass. The Squier Bass VI is a six string instrument tuned an octave lower than a standard electric guitar. This results in a low, twangy sound reminiscent of Duane Eddy and the Twin Peaks theme. These distinctive retro instruments are unlike guitars and bass and are lots of fun to play!


Why Should I Choose a 6 String Bass Guitar?

  • Models span high-end and more affordable options
  • They often feature other forward-thinking design concepts
  • Reach lower notes on a reliable bass that has been specifically designed to produce them

Frequently Asked Questions about 6 String Bass Guitars

Question: What type of musical genres require a 6 string bass?
You can use a 6 string bass for any genre but some that are particularly well suited to the 6 string bass are funk, jazz, Metal, Prog and other cutting edge contemporary styles. Modern types of music often have lower notes than classic genres and extended range instruments like 6 string basses are needed to help achieve this.
Question: Is a six string bass more difficult to play than a 4 or 5 string bass?
In a word, yes. The necks are physically bigger, the fingerboards are relatively crowded with 6 thick strings and the overall weight is greater. They are definitely more difficult to get used to but if you like that extra range of sound, the trouble is more than worth it!
Question: How many frets does a 6 string bass have?
The number of frets on a 6 string bass varies from model to model but the vast majority of them have 24 frets.
Question: Do I need a special amplifier for a 6 string bass?
Not at all, standard bass amps will be more than capable of handling the extra low frequencies that 6 string basses deliver.