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About Sadowsky Bass Guitars

Sadowsky is a boutique manufacturer from New York City that creates top quality guitars and basses. Started by Roger Sadowsky in the 1980s, the brand is particularly well known for its pioneering use of the active preamp. Marcus Miller was an early customer for Sadowsky, followed by a custom order from Prince.

Sadowsky basses are available in NYC and Metro lines. The NYC range is made in the USA whereas the Metro models are made in Japan. Many Sadowskys are based on classic bolt-on bass designs but with the added preamp circuitry and a more modern feel. Other bass models display a more 'boutique', custom look with non-standard features and options.

Sadowsky guitars are available in a diverse range of styles, from custom renditions of classic guitar designs to innovative original shapes and electric nylon string guitars. Sadowsky also produce high end archtop guitars and semi hollow guitars. These semi-hollow instruments feature a chambered centre block for lighter weight and a more hollow body-esque tone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sadowsky Bass Guitars

Yes they do! Not only that, we try to keep a selection in stock as much as possible to give our left handed customers the best possible choice when choosing a high end bass.
The most significant thing the Sadowsky preamp does is greatly enhance the instrument's signal-to-noise ratio. In effect this means more output with much less noise and hiss, so a markedly cleaner tone is available.
Sadowsky guitars and basses have been played by Prince, Lou Reed, Pat Metheny, Marcus Miller and Jason Newstead.
Sadowsky make their own pickups. Each is hand wound and they tend to go for more vintage, PAF-style models for their humbuckers.