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About Fishman Accessories

Fishman Accessories have been developed to enhance the natural tone of your guitar. From their outstanding acoustic pickups, to the game-changing Fluence pickups, Fishman products go above and beyond what you can expect from a traditional pickup or preamp.

Fishman Fluence pickups have revolutionised the electric guitar pickup by giving you the ability to switch between different pickup voicings, including single coil, P90 and humbucker tones, all from a single pickup that can be selected to best suit the looks of your guitar. While acoustic pickups like the Matrix Infinity and PowerTap can be the ultimate Fishman accessories to upgrade your acoustic guitar, providing easy installation and powerful tone sculpting.

Why Should I Choose Fishman Accessories?

  • Powerful tone sculpting
  • Next level tone
  • Easy to install and upgrade

Frequently Asked Questions about Fishman Accessories

Question: Are Fishman accessories any good?
Yes, Fishman continue to develop innovative products that push the boundaries of what is possible with your guitar's tone.
Question: Who uses Fishman guitar accessories?
Some notable Fishman artists include Matt Bellamy, Devin Townsend and Brian 'Head' Welch.
Question: Where are Fishman accessories made?
Fishman products are manufactured in the USA.
Question: What guitar accessories do Fishman produce?
Fishman make an outstanding selection of pickups and preamps for acoustic and electric guitars.