Keyboard Amps

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About Keyboard Amps

Keyboards amps can be an essential part of your keyboard set-up. Whether it's for practice at home or in the rehearsal room, or even for amplifying your sound at gigs, keyboard amps give you the best-amplified sound.

Available in a range of sizes to suit different situations, keyboard amps evenly distribute the wide frequency range.

Many of our keyboard amps also feature multiple inputs with a simple mixer section. This allows you to create your own mix for your synth setup and even add vocals.


Why Should I Use a Keyboard Amp?

  • Built-in mixer for connecting multiple instruments
  • Keyboard amplifiers offer clear sound provides an undistorted tone
  • Microphone input to amplify your vocals

Frequently Asked Questions about Keyboard Amps

Question: Can you plug a keyboard into a guitar amp?
We don't recommend this. Because a guitar amp is only designed to handle the limited range of frequencies produced by a guitar, prolonged use of a keyboard is likely to damage the amp's speaker.
Question: Does a keyboard need an amp?
While some keyboards feature built-in speakers, they're generally not loud enough to compete with drums and other amplified instruments. In this situation, it's best to get an amp that's powerful enough for use in the practice room and on stage.
Question: Can I run more than one keyboard through a keyboard amp?
Yes, most keyboard amps feature a built-in mixer for you to run your keyboards through. Many also allow you to amplify a microphone.