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About Keyboard Amps

Keyboard Amplifiers are a great solution for keyboarders looking to amplify their setup either at home or rehearsals, or to supplement a PA system on stage. Most keyboard amps feature multiple inputs and a simple mixer, allowing you to use and mix several different pieces of hardware with the same amplifier. guitarguitar stock a great range of small keyboard amps for home practice as well as larger amps for when serious volumes are required.

Frequently Asked Questions about Keyboard Amps

You can. Many keyboarders prefer to use a keyboard amp on stage because they offer a much wider range of frequencies than a standard floor monitor. This results in a more realistic feel when you're playing.
Guitar amps are designed to handle the frequencies produced by a guitar only. Keyboards can actually emit frequencies much higher and lower than a guitar and can damage a guitar amp relatively quickly. Because of this, we don't recommend you use your keyboard with a guitar amp.