Stage Lighting

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About Stage Lighting

Stage Lighting is an essential part of live performance. Most people might take it for granted, but without stage lighting, gigs would have a distinct lack of atmosphere! There are various kinds of stage lighting available. This includes anything from standard par cans to specialist tube lights.

Most gigging musicians will need some form of lighting for their performances. While this can be provided by the venue in some cases, it always pays to have your own to hand. This rings especially true for wedding bands and mobile DJs. While a live music venue usually has stage lighting, the places you play as a wedding band don't always have it readily available.

We have plenty of options available from great brands like Chauvet, KAM and Stagg. This includes plenty of easy-to-use lights which don’t need a lighting engineer to operate.


Why Should I Choose Stage Lighting?

  • Adds atmosphere to a live performance
  • Sets the mood for a party
  • Looks professional

Frequently Asked Questions about Stage Lighting

Question: How do I control stage lighting from a computer?
To control stage lighting from a computer, you would need lighting control software and a USB to DMX box. From there you can connect DMX cables to any of the lights you wish to control.
Question: Do I need a DMX controller in order to use stage lighting?
Not at all. Many of the options we sell have automatic modes and ‘sound’ modes. This means the lights can sync to the music you play thanks to the on-board mic. While you have the option to control them via DMX, it is not essential for their use.
Question: I’m in a function band, what kind of stage lighting should I buy?
As a musician, there are so many other pieces of equipment to set up for a show as is. Options like Stagg’s SLB 2P2D-3 Performer Lighting Bar are very easy to set up and can function automatically.