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About Yamaha Electric Guitars

Yamaha electric guitars have been around for decades now, occupying a special space in the pantheon of music. The distinctive Yamaha SG has famously been used by artists as diverse as Santana and Mastodon. The popular Pacifica range has been a hit with learner guitarists and players on a budget since the early 90s.

Yamaha make a wide range of electric guitars from semi hollow jazz guitars like the AES models to the new, stylish Revstar range. Quality control is always very high and Yamaha guitars sound as good as they play. As one of the UK's major Yamaha dealers, we keep a large supply of diverse instruments in stock both online and in every one of our UK guitarguitar stores.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Electric Guitars

Not at all. The range travels from low cost instruments up to pro level guitars. They are highly revered among beginners and students because the price to quality ratio is amazing. There are some brilliant entry level models. Higher end Pacificas are used by touring guitarists across the world.
At guitarguitar, it is the Pacifica 112J in black. This is a high quality instrument at a great price! The Pacifica 112V in old violin sunburst takes second place!
Yamaha have made guitars since 1942. Their first electric guitar, the SG, debuted in 1965 as a prototype and 1966 as a mass production model.
He was! Yamaha approached him in the early 70s and together they came up with the now iconic Yamaha SG2000.
Yamaha electric guitars are available from every guitarguitar store.