Yamaha Semi Acoustic Guitars

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About Yamaha Semi Acoustic Guitars

Yamaha semi acoustic guitars are available in all price ranges and in a number of styles. Popular Yamaha shapes such as the APX, CPX, FS and FG are all available as electro models with built in electric pickups.

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Why Should I Choose a Yamaha Semi Acoustic Guitar?

  • Renowned Yamaha quality and reliablity
  • High quality materials and hardware
  • Classic yet luxurious aesthetics

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Semi Acoustic Guitars

Question: What type of pickup systems do Yamaha use in their electro acoustic guitars?
Yamaha actually make their own pickup systems for their acoustic guitars. They often use a piezo pickup called an SRT and a 'System' preamp such as a System 65 or System 66, depending on the instrument. These preamps have onboard tuners and EQs.