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About Keeley Pedals

Keeley Electronics are a brand of boutique effects pedals from the US. Keeley pedal designs include drives, modulations and ambient effects. They are perhaps best known for their compressor pedals, which are considered some of the best in the business.

Keeley started business as a company that modified and improved existing guitar effects pedals from other manufacturers before designing and building their own unique creations.

These pedals are hand made from top-grade components. They are found on the pedalboards of some of the world's greatest guitarists.

At guitarguitar, we have strongly supported this brand from the beginning. See our entire range of Keeley compressor, reverb, modulation, wah and overdrive pedals online or visit one of our UK stores to try them for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions about Keeley Pedals

This is a fairly specific multi-fx pedal. In terms of what it's designed for, your first guess is more than likely correct. This pedal gives you a 70s style fuzz, a tape-style delay and a modulation circuit that provides a range of effects. Gilmour in a box? No such thing, of course. But this great box will get your as close as possible! Play it in a deserted Pompeii amphitheatre for full effect.