Multitrack Recorders

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About Multitrack Recorders

Since the days of four track cassette tapes, multitrack recorders have been integral to making demo recordings. Today's multitracks work digitally, providing ease of use and quality of digital playback, while allowing you to layer several tracks of audio and create a simple mix. Some multitrack recorders also come with some other great features including guitar amp emulation, effects and built in microphones.

Frequently Asked Questions about Multitrack Recorders

Question: How do I get my recording off a multitrack recorder?
Virtually all of our multitrack recorders allow you to create a mixdown of your song and then transfer it to your computer via either SD card or USB cable.
Question: Do I need a microphone to use a multitrack recorder?
While an external microphone will offer you more control over the sound of your recording, most small multitrack recorders now come with built in microphones. These allow you to make a stereo recording of a source, for example a voice or an acoustic guitar, and then layer on top of it.