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About Multitrack Recorders

Multitrack recorders are one of the easiest ways to record complete music productions. Sound on sound recording is the backbone of modern music and multitrack recording allow you to layer different tracks of instruments and vocals to create a full song. Tracks can also be overdubbed to fix mistakes and have effects applied and mixed to completion. Essentially, multitrack records are a portable studio recorder solution and are ideal for those looking for a simple way to record music.

Why Should I Choose Multitrack Recorders?

  • Ease of use with high quality of digital playback
  • Layer several tracks of audio and create simple mixes
  • Fully functioning recording studio in a small portable package

Frequently Asked Questions about Multitrack Recorders

Question: What is multitrack recording in music?
While the earliest music recordings were achieved using a single microphone on one track, multitrack recording allows for two or more sources to be layered and mixed to complete a recording. This could be a live performance capturing drums, bass, guitar and vocals, or even all of those instruments recorded individually at different times. Think about your favourite song, each element of the recording has been mixed so the song sounds its absolute best and this is only possible with a multitrack recorder.
Question: What are some of the best multitrack recorders?
We stock an excellent selection of multitrack recorders, with BOSS multitracks being among our favourites. They have a powerful selection of features including drum sounds and built-in microphones, however, it's their amp and effect emulations based on iconic BOSS guitar pedals that sets them ahead of other machines.
Question: What do I need for multitrack recording?
Some essentials for recording include headphones for monitoring, plus a microphone and any other cables you require to connect your instruments.
Question: What is a multitrack recorder used for?
Multitrack records are generally used for recording songs, however, they can also be used for podcasting and sound design.
Question: How is multitrack recording different from live recording?
Live recording generally takes your live mix and records it to a stereo track and can't be mixed upon playback. Multitrack recording allows you to mix your tracks to your preference and even allows you to overdub and layer takes to create a polished recording.