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About Music Man Guitars

Music Man guitars, or Ernie Ball Music Man to give them their full name, is an American guitar manufacturer. The company operates out of San Luis Obispo, California. They are equally as famous for their basses as they are for their guitar designs. Their instruments have been played by a number of famous players over the years, many as endorsers with signature model guitars.

Music Man started out in the mid 70s, owned by a group of three men, one of whom was Leo Fender. Music Man instruments have visually distinctive headstocks. These feature a non-standard '4+2' tuner configuration rather than the more standard 6 in line or 3 a side.

The Stingray bass is perhaps Music Man's most iconic and successful design. Stingray guitars pay homage to the original music man models. Generally, Music Man guitars are slightly retro in style but have a high level of originality in their designs. A diverse range of players from St Vincent to John Petrucci use Music Man guitars exclusively.

All Music Man branded guitars are built in California. Ernie Ball Music Man also have a range of lower priced imported guitars with the brand name Sterling by Music Man. These guitars are similar in design to the brand's USA models including the Axis and the JP models.

guitarguitar is an authorised Ernie Ball Music Man dealer and as such we keep a large selection of their guitars in stock throughout our stores. From signature models to custom Ball Family Reserve pieces, we have a stunning range of these modern classic electric guitars and basses ready for you try.

Frequently Asked Questions about Music Man Guitars

Question: What is the most popular Music Man guitar?
The Stingray range of basses are by far the most popular Music Man instruments. When it comes to electric guitars, John Petrucci's Majesty series is proving to be extremely popular.
Question: Which famous players use Music Man guitars?
There is rather a long list so here are a few highlights: John Petrucci, St Vincent, Albert Lee, Keith Richards, Steve Lukather, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Vinnie Moore, Steve Morse, Eddie Van Halen, and James Valentine. These are just a few and that is just the guitars. For bassists, it is a whole different story...
Question: Are Music Man guitars designed by Leo Fender?
Back at the beginning of the company in the early 70s, Leo Fender co-designed the first Music Man amplifiers along with the first Stingray bass and 'Stingray1' guitar. Most subsequent designs, redesigns and revisions have been spearheaded and handled by other people.
Question: What was Eddie Van Halen's connection to Music Man guitars?
Eddie Van Halen came to Music Man in the early 90s to make a signature guitar. This design has since gone on to become the Axis model, a guitar that is offered by Music Man to this day.
Question: How long have Ernie Ball and Music Man been the same company?
Ernie Ball have been around since the fifties, creating their custom string gauges in the early 60s. Music Man were formed in 1972 and were sold to Ernie Ball (his son Sterling Ball is the current CEO of the company) in 1984.