5 String Bass Guitars

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About 5 String Bass Guitars

5 string bass guitars are a popular addition to many bassists' collections. The addition of the extra low 'B' string is useful for contemporary heavy styles as well as Prog, Jazz and Fusion genres.

Most major bass manufacturers produce their own range of bass guitars with 5 strings. Throughout our stores we keep 5 string basses by Music Man, Schecter, Fender (including the new American Pro Series), Lakland, Squier and Ibanez, whose SR range is a good starting point for lots of ambitious bassists.

Frequently Asked Questions about 5 String Bass Guitars

Typically, the extra string is a low 'B', though some Jazz players change things up by having a high 'B' instead for melodic runs.
It can feel a little unusual or unwieldy for a short time but you'll get used to it quickly and really start enjoying the extra sonic potential the low B gives you!
The most popular 5 string bass models are undoubtedly from Ibanez. This may be because lots of hard rock and metal players use them and need the slim neck and low notes that an Ibanez 5 string provides. The SR-505 bass is an extremely popular model. Aside from that, the Squier Jazz 5 string is very popular, as are the various iterations of Music Man StingRay 5 string bass.