Fender 5 String Basses

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About Fender 5 String Basses

Iconic basses for the contemporary era; Fender 5 string basses are a must-have for many serious bass players. They are perfect for a wide variety of genres.

Many modern bass styles demand an extended register, but many players don’t want a modern bass. Fender 5 string basses are ideal for classic tones in any style.

The Fender Precision Bass and Fender Jazz Bass have been around for decades and defined the electric bass guitar sound for so many. They have been available in 5 string models since 1999 and are now among their most popular models. Fender 5 string bass guitars represent a coming together of iconic looks and tone but with modern functionality.

Fender 5 String basses are available throughout the Fender range in both Mexican and American made models. They are often available with either passive or active electronics. The Fender Ultra Jazz Bass V is the most modern and versatile 5 string Fender in the lineup. It boasts noiseless pickups, switchable active/passive preamp circuit and a comfortable compound radius. All these features make it an ideal choice for session musicians as they are able to coax out every sound conceivable from one instrument.

What Makes Fender 5 String Basses Different?

  • Classic styles with modern playability
  • Available in both passive and active configurations
  • Perfect for genre-hopping players
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Fender 5 String Basses

    Question: When did Fender first start making 5 string basses?
    Fender first introduced a 5 string bass in the late 60s. It was a funny instrument with an ultra long scale length but only 15 frets. The fifth string was actually a high C, allowing players to fret high notes despite only having 15 frets. Needless to say, this was a flop and was discontinued. Fender started producing modern 5 string basses with a low B string in 1999.
    Question: Where are Fender 5 string basses made?
    Fender 5 string basses are made in every Fender factory from Mexico to the Custom Shop. There are also 5 string Squier basses made in Indonesia.