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About Ibanez Pedals

The Ibanez Tubescreamer is one of the most revered overdrive pedals in existence. Countless players have made their name with a Tubescreamer as part of their signature sound.

Available in numerous variations, all Ibanez tubescreamer pedals are based on two overarching designs: the TS-808 and the TS9. Both have their own tonal characteristics but are similar. Despite the name, the Tubescreamer is actually a relatively low gain pedal. One of it's many uses is actually to add a clean boost to an already distorted amp, changing the harmonic content of the guitar tone in a way that lots of players love.

The Tubescreamer is so popular that you can now get a turbo version, a Dual model with two circuits, a mini version for crowded pedalboards and even a Bass tubescreamer to get that famous midrange bump and boost into a bass player's sound. Ibanez pedals are extremely solid and rugged, making the purchase of a Tubescreamer an even wiser decision. Every guitarguitar store in the UK will have a selection of Ibanez Tubescreamer pedals to try out in store.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez Pedals

Question: Do Tubescreamers have a lot of gain?
Considering their name, you'd think they would but they don't. In fact, they were one of the very first overdrive pedals to be released with a low gain sound. Up until then, most pedal manufacturers tried to offer increasingly large amounts of overdrive in their stompboxes so the TS808 was something of a game-changer when it arrived on the scene.
Question: What is the difference between the TS9 and the TS808?
Some guitarists will say that the TS808 has 'more tone' but this is entirely subjective. What is certainly true is that the output section is different - the TS9 is a little louder and brighter sounding. The TS808 by comparison is more smooth and creamy. Both have a very similar sound and amount of gain and neither is 'better' than the other, it's just a matter of preference and also how well the pedal integrates into your setup. Try both!