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About Ibanez Pedals

Ibanez Pedals, much like their guitars, have changed the game for many and gone on to spawn a whole genre of pedals in their own right. One of their most famous and instantly identifiable pedals is the Tubescreamer, this little green overdrive used by legendary players such as Stevie Ray Vaughn quickly became a favourite among guitarists for its versatile and iconic sound. You'll find many green overdrives on the market are trying to replicate exactly what Ibanez achieved the first go round with this! Today Ibanez still makes this guitar pedal in Japan along with other classic pedals in their MINI pedal series, this includes chorus pedals, flangers, tremolos and more. Ibanez also offers more in depth pedals such as the Pentatone Preamp which offers a wealth of options to sculpt your tone to perfection.

Ibanez has a pedal for everyone, and a pedal for every space on your board. All with high quality, rugged, tour ready designs.

Why Should I Choose an Ibanez Pedal?

  • Classic Tones
  • Tube Screamer is a must have for every pedal board
  • Some pedals are made in Japan
  • A whole range of different effects and sounds

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez Pedals

Question: Are Ibanez pedals any good?
Yes Ibanez pedals are good with great tone and quality, the Tube Screamer being so good it has spawned a myriad of clones just to replicate its classic sound.
Question: Who uses an Ibanez pedal?
Players such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Kirk Hammett, Gary Clark Jr. are among notable Ibanez pedal users.
Question: Where are Ibanez pedals made?
A good number of Ibanez pedals are made in Japan, some are made elsewhere in places like China.
Question: Do Tubescreamers have a lot of gain?
Considering their name, you'd think they would but they don't. In fact, they were one of the very first overdrive pedals to be released with a low gain sound. Up until then, most pedal manufacturers tried to offer increasingly large amounts of overdrive in their stompboxes so the TS808 was something of a game-changer when it arrived on the scene.
Question: What is the best Ibanez pedal?
While there are many great Ibanez pedals, the Tube Screamer is our best seller, so good in fact it's inspired a whole genre of pedals!
Question: What is the difference between the TS9 and the TS808?
Some guitarists will say that the TS808 has 'more tone' but this is entirely subjective. What is certainly true is that the output section is different - the TS9 is a little louder and brighter sounding. The TS808 by comparison is more smooth and creamy. Both have a very similar sound and amount of gain and neither is 'better' than the other, it's just a matter of preference and also how well the pedal integrates into your setup. Try both!