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Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) instrument and effects software are now present in virtually every studio in the world, and thanks to their inherent speed, functionality and affordability, music software packages have opened up the world of recording and production to anyone with a computer.

DAW's such as Ableton Live offer a wide range of features which are ideal for not only recording and mixing but also for multitrack playback for live music and DJing. While virtual instrument plugins (VST, Audio Units and AAX) offer producers and musicians access to iconic synthesizers, grand pianos, drum kits, or even whole orchestras at the fraction of the price of the real thing, practically any instrument or sound you can imagine is now available as a virtual instrument. Audio effects plugins complete your virtual studio set up. These can be anything from compressors, eq's and delays to distortions, bit crushers and analog tape emulation.

For decades the process of professionally recording a song was expensive and laborious, but thanks to computers it is now both affordable and accessible to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Recording Software

Native Instruments Komplete bundles offer a colossal range of high quality audio and instrument plugins in various shapes and styles. Komplete comes in three bundle sizes: Select offers a taste of what's available, Komplete Standard offers a huge amount of content, while Komplete Ultimate offers an insane amount of plugins and samples and is virtually everything you will ever need for any style of production. Some key areas covered by Komplete are analog, digital and modular synthesis, guitar amp emulation, orchestral strings, studio effects, and electronic and acoustic drums. Native Instruments have led the way in music production software since the 90s and are still a key part of most professional musicians' and producers' computer setup.
While it is true that higher quality effects can be more processor heavy, companies such as Universal Audio offer some of the highest quality plugins around with one simple solution: the plugins don't run on your CPU. Running externally on either an audio interface or what UA call a Satellite, these accurate emulations of classic studio hardware will run without impacting the speed of your computer. As a result of their efficiency and astonishingly high quality, Universal Audio's plugins are quickly becoming an industry standard in professional recording studios around the world.
Absolutely, what's great about software is it allows access to exactly the same process at home as what is available in a professional studio. There are top songs in the charts which have been recorded at either small or home studios. This shows that when recorded properly, your music can be just as good as or even better than other professionally recorded music.