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About Fender Bass Guitars

Fender bass guitars are the most famous and popular in the world, no question. A high percentage of all other basses in existence are either direct replicas of Fender's two main designs or owe a significant design debt to them! Either way, the Fender Precision and the Fender Jazz have boldly held their own for over sixty years now as the blueprint for bass guitars.

Given their stratospheric popularity, Fender have wisely decided to offer these basses in a large variety of styles and finishes. From Squier models to Mexican Player, Deluxe and Classic basses right through to American Pro, Elite and the Original Series, Fender has a bass for every player at every price point. Aside from the 'famous two', Fender offer additional bass models. The Jaguar bass, derived from the guitar of the same name, is a popular model among gigging musicians, as is the short scale Mustang bass.

Given not only the significance of Fender basses but their quality and inherent coolness, we always make sure we stock up on an extremely diverse range, available both online and in-store. We have one of the UK's best selections of Fender basses at guitarguitar so talk to our expert staff and arm yourself with your next dream Fender bass!

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Bass Guitars

Fender's two main designs, the Precision and the Jazz, are the two most popular bass designs in history. The Precision edges ahead just slightly and is the single most popular bass style available anywhere. Fender offer the Precision bass, or P-bass, in a myriad of series and finish options. The Fender Player Precision bass and the American Professional Precision bass are the two most popular models.
Fender set the tradition for all other bass models with the introduction of a 34" scale length. This was on their very first Precision bass and the following Jazz bass model, and remains so today. Almost all Fender basses use a 34" scale length although there are some variations - Mustang bass models and certain Jaguar basses have a shorter 30" scale length.
That certainly used to be the case, due to the Jazz bass's slimmer neck. These days, there are so many variations on these two basic models available from Fender, you'll be able to find P-Basses with slim necks and Jazz basses with chunkier retro necks. It is very much a case of trying a few out and selecting your favourite.
The Precision bass is great for absolutely all styles of music without exception.