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About EastCoast Acoustic Guitars

EastCoast acoustic guitars are fun and affordable instruments, just like their electric guitars. They pack an unbelievable punch for the money. A common phrase around guitar shops is “it’s hard to find a bad guitar these days” and that’s particularly true of EastCoast acoustic guitars. Affordable on even the most shoestring budget, EastCoast acoustics are rich and lively. They are the perfect acoustic guitar for beginners!

One of the most important things to look for when buying an acoustic guitar is whether it has a solid timber top. EastCoast Guitars indicate this by an ‘S’ in the model name. For example, the G1 is an all-laminate guitar whereas the G1S has laminate back and sides with a solid spruce top. Solid wood is more resonant so will sound a bit better.

EastCoast acoustic guitars come in a range of different sizes. The D1 is a large dreadnought guitar that is perfect for strumming. The G1 is a smaller Grand Auditorium guitar that is comfortably sized and good for fingerpicking. They also have travel-sized guitars - the M1SM and the GSM Koa - which are the perfect sofa guitars because they are small and easy to play.

What Makes an Eastcoast Acoustic Guitar Different?

  • Extremely affordable
  • Solid top models available
  • Range of sizes

Frequently Asked Questions about EastCoast Acoustic Guitars

Question: Are EastCoast guitars good for beginners?
EastCoast guitars make the perfect choice for beginners. Of course, their affordability is the thing that catches the eye but, in person, these guitars look and play like a premium guitar. Acoustic guitars from EastCoast are easy to play and available in a range of body sizes depending on your needs. We have also put together some beginners’ starter packs which have all the accessories you need to get going.
Question: Where are EastCoast acoustic guitars made?
EastCoast guitars keep things affordable by manufacturing in East Asia. They are exceptional value and perfect for new guitarists wishing to keep things cheap without sacrificing quality.