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About Takamine Guitars

Takamine are a major acoustic guitar manufacturer based in Japan. One of the most revered acoustic brands of all time, Takamine guitars have been used by such musicians as Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi and Bruno Mars

Takamine produce a wide range of instruments to fit various styles and budgets. From travel guitars to jumbo guitars and everything in between, the brand offers attractive and well made guitars with live performance in mind. Indeed, Takamine as a company have been innovative frontrunners in the development of piezo technology for turning acoustic guitars into stage-ready performance instruments.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Takamine Guitars

Not exactly, no. Takamine (non- G Series) guitars are made in both Japan and Taiwan. G series guitars are made in both Korea and China.
Yes they do! Have a look at the 3/4 sized Takamine GX11ME-NS. This guitar uses a downsized NEX body shape and is fantastic.
Yes, both the FXC asnd NEX bodies are unique to Takamine. They are both loosely based on the grand auditorium model but with reconsidered curves and new sizes to make the guitars easier and more comfortable to play. In fact, even the more traditional Takamine guitar designs such as the dreadnoughts and the parlours have their own special flair. Takamine know how to make a good looking guitar!
'Takamine' is actually a mountain (Mount Takamine) in the Gifu Prefecture on Honshu, Japan's biggest island. Mount Takamine overlooked the store where the small family-run business that would later become Takamine guitars was located back in 1959. As for pronunciation, general consensus dictates that Takamine is pronounced 'tack-ah-meeny' rather than 'tack-ah-mine'.