Takamine Classical Guitars

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About Takamine Classical Guitars

Takamine Classical guitars blend the best traditional design and building methods with more modern concessions for guitarists such as cutaway body shapes and pickup systems. Takamine classical guitars are extremely popular with performing guitarists. The tones available from even the most affordable models are more than good enough to satisfy classical and flamenco aficionados.

Frequently Asked Questions about Takamine Classical Guitars

Question: What is the difference between a Takamine GC3 and a GC3CE?
The extra 'CE' at the end of the GC3CE stands simply for Cutaway Electro. In other words, the body has a Venetian cutaway in the body for easy upper fret access and there is a pickup system fitted!
Question: When does Takamine's classical guitar range begin to have solid tops in their construction?
For a solid topped Takamine classical, begin at the GC3 and move up from there.
Question: Do Takamine make any classical guitars in the G Series?
Yes, in fact their most popular classical models all come from the G Series. The GC1, GC3CE etc are all from Takamine's G Series.