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About Left Handed Guitars

Left-handed guitarists are not an afterthought at guitarguitar. We have more left-handed guitars in stock than any other UK retailer. From household names like Fender, Gibson, Martin and Taylor to boutique brands including Suhr, Mayones and Strandberg, left-handed guitarists can expect the best choice at guitarguitar. Whether you are after a solid body, hollow body or semi-acoustic, get in touch to find out more about our large collection of left-handed electric guitars.

Frequently Asked Questions about Left Handed Guitars

Our best selling left handed electrics include the PRS SE Custom 24 LH, the Squier Standard Stratocaster LH and, appropriately enough, the Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar.
Fender, Fender Custom Shop and Gibson offer the widest variety when it comes to left handed electrics. Schecter, ESP, Suhr and Gretsch are also great options. Left handed acoustic guitars are offered by many brands, with Martin and Taylor providing the most choice.
Not at all! Some of the most famous guitarists in the world are lefties who play right handed guitars: Mark Knopfler, Gary Moore and Robert Fripp are all southpaw players who play in the traditional right handed way. There are benefits: your most powerful hand is doing most of the work so you may find you progress quicker than right handed players. We have found from talking to customers that simply getting them to hold both a left handed guitar and then a right handed guitar in the normal playing position will quickly establish a preference, even if they can't yet play! If in doubt, pay a visit to your closest guitarguitar and talk to a member of our staff who'll happily guide you through the process.