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About Solar Guitars

Solar guitars are a brand of electric guitar. Solar guitars have been founded by internet sensation Ola Englund. He has designed the range to appeal to modern Metal and Prog guitarists.

Solar guitars are performance-based instruments. This means they have slim necks, flat fingerboards, large frets and powerful pickups. There are several different body types in the range, all with options regarding specifics for hardware and finishes. Solar guitars are available with either hard tail bridges or tremolos. All Solar guitars share a distinctive 'reverse' headstock with a pointed shape. This aggressive style is carried on throughout the various designs for the guitars.

Solar are a popular brand for guitarists who like to play contemporary styles. They are available with 6 and 7 strings as well as with a baritone scale length.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Guitars

Solar guitars currently offer five distinct body types, each given an initial. They are as follows: Type A: a Superstrat design with scooped cutaways; Type S: a Superstrat design with a more 'slab' body style; Type V: a V style; Type E: an Explorer style; Type G: a classic single cut design.
All Solar pickups are specially designed in collaboration with Seymour Duncan. These are called Duncan Solars and the designs do differ slightly from guitar model to model.
A 'through neck' is a type of neck join construction. Rather than a bolted-on neck, or a glued in 'set' neck, 'through neck' guitars have the neck travelling the entire length of the instrument, from headstock to bottom strap button. The body is finished off by the addition of two 'wings' that are joined to either side of the centre. This type of build promotes strength and sustain.
Solar guitars can have a variety of bridges, depending on the model of guitar. Solar use the following bridges: TOM-style hard tail, Hipshot hard tail, Floyd Rose tremolo, Evertune bridge.