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About EVH Guitars

EVH guitars are the definitive vision and statement from innovator, inventor and game-changing guitar hero Eddie Van Halen. For decades he has been chasing the ultimate guitar design and in the EVH Wolfgang, he has finally refined this design to perfection. The Wolfgang range of guitars comprises instruments made in both Mexico and the USA, all featuring Eddie's own preferences for shape, weight, balance, neck dimension, scale length, fret type, pickup style, pickup mounting and a million other details that all go towards creating that indefinable feel and 'vibe' of a guitar.

Alongside the Wolfgang guitars, EVH also make guitars like the Striped Series of tributes to Eddie's 1980s guitars, amps, effects and accessories.

As a major authorised UK EVH distributor, we keep excellent stock of Eddie's guitars, amps and a whole lot more! Remember: this equipment IS what Eddie uses on stage night after night! If he doesn't like it, his name does not go on it. See what the fuss is about at your nearest guitarguitar UK store or order with confidence from our site.

Frequently Asked Questions about EVH Guitars

Think of it more as a collaboration. EVH US guitars are made in the same Corona, California premises as Fender, Jackson, Charvel etc but in their own dedicated space with their own staff. Their non-US instruments are built in Mexico, just like Fender.
Yes, they are pretty hot. Considering the 'Frankenstrat' humbucker (based on a vintage Gibson ES-335 PAF pickup) had a low 7-8k DC resistance, this is about double as hot, measuring 14K at the bridge. It's a passive pickup and uses the Alnico II magnet.
All EVH Wolfgang guitars have a compound radius of 12-16". This means the fingerboard starts off pretty flat and gets flatter still as it moves up the neck. This is a perfect situation for playing lead guitar on.
Both actually, depending on the model! The Wolfgang Standard has a flat top whilst the Special and the USA models have arched tops.
It's actually a simple piece of machined steel that twists the exact amount to shift the fine tuner on the Low E to physically change tuning from E to D. There is no hidden device, it is as simple as that. Because of its shape, you cannot pull up on the tremolo bar since the D-Tuna would hit the guitar's body. Therefore, if you want to use the D-Tuna, set the guitar's bridge to be for 'dive-bomb only'!