EVH Striped Series

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About EVH Striped Series

EVH Striped Series guitars celebrate Van Halen's 80s glory days by recreating Eddie's famous customised superstrats. These affordable guitars are available in the 3 main striped finishes associated with Eddie: black & white; red, white & black; and finally yellow & black. Each guitar has a single humbucking pickup and a locking floyd rose tremolo.

EVH Striped series guitars occasionally release a limited edition Wolfgang guitar in striped livery. The finishes are instantly recognisable and the guitars themselves are spec'd up for high performance. Check out our range of EVH guitars online to see up to the minute stock.

Frequently Asked Questions about EVH Striped Series

Question: Are the Striped finishes graphics?
No, believe it or not each Striped Series EVH guitar is painted just as Eddie painted his originals: with layers of tape and spray paint! Eddie even taught the builders the correct order to apply the tape so that the final effect was perfect!
Question: Who makes the EVH Striped Series guitars?
Fender are the parent company of EVH and the Striped Series guitars are made in Fender's Mexican factory.
Question: I've heard that the necks of the EVH Striped Series guitars are 'quartersawn': what does this mean?
Quartersawn means the tree is sawn at an angle that goes along with its grain rather than arbitrarily against it, resulting in a super strong and stable piece of timber that does not shift or bend anywhere near as easily as a regularly sawn piece. There is more wastage of timber with a quartersawn neck so they are more expensive to make.
Question: Which Striped Series guitar has the 'hockey' headstock?
That would be the Striped Series 5150. It also has a reflective '5150' decal just below the tremolo.
Question: What is the pickup that's fitted to the Striped Series guitars?
The Striped Series guitars all have a Wolfgang pickup, directly mounted to the body for more resonance.