EVH Striped Series

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About EVH Striped Series

The EVH Striped Series pays tribute to the rock guitar legends' most recognisable guitars.

Eddie Van Halen is of course loved for his amazing guitar skills and songwriting, but is also definitely recognised for popularising hot-rodded guitars and birthing the superstrat. During his pursuit of sound, Eddie was after a Strat-style guitar, with a beefier tone. His conclusion was to carve out the pickup cavity in a Strat body, ditch the electronics bar the volume control and jack socket, and drop in a humbucker pickup that was removed from another guitar.

The result was a new style of guitar, that combined for the first time, a six point style tremolo system with a humbucker pickup. To give the guitar a more striking appearance, tape and paint was applied to really make the guitar stand out, and a legend was born. The white and black striped Frankenstrat, later to be the more recognisable red, white and black guitar would be modded and improved as new innovations arose, including the Floyd Rose tremolo and locking nut. The EVH Striped Series electric guitar range selects the best parts of the Frankenstrat to offer you the authentic EVH experience that many guitarists and manufacturers have tried to imitate.

Why Should I Choose an EVH Striped Series Guitar?

  • The ultimate stripped down rock guitar
  • D-Tuna lets you dive into Drop-D in an instant
  • Locking Floyd Rose tuning system offers incredible tuning stability

Frequently Asked Questions about EVH Striped Series

Question: Are EVH Striped guitars any good?
Yes. EVH guitars are the result of decades worth of innovation, birthing the superstrat guitar along the way, EVH Striped Series guitars are up there with the best rock guitars of all time.
Question: Where are EVH Striped guitars made?
EVH Striped Series guitars are made in Ensenada, Mexico.
Question: I've heard that the necks of the EVH Striped Series guitars are 'quartersawn': what does this mean?
Quartersawn means the tree is sawn at an angle that goes along with its grain rather than arbitrarily against it, resulting in a super strong and stable piece of timber that does not shift or bend anywhere near as easily as a regularly sawn piece. There is more wastage of timber with a quartersawn neck so they are more expensive to make.
Question: Which artists play an EVH Striped guitar?
Other than the late great Eddie Van Halen, many popular guitarists are huge EVH fans and have a Striped Series guitar in their collection. Some EVH players include Paul Gilbert, Pete Thorn, Andreas Kisser and Scott Ian.
Question: What pickups are in the EVH Striped series?
EVH Striped Series guitars all feature a custom Wolfgang passive humbucker.