Beginner Electric Guitars - Unleash your Inner Rockstar

Everything you need to start playing guitar

GS100H Starter Pack (Black)

  • Guitar only (-£100.00)

GT100 Starter Pack (Lake Placid Blue)

  • Guitar only (-£100.00)

GL20-CSB Starter Pack (Cherry)

  • Guitar only (-£100.00)

Your First Step to Stardom!

There are many options for beginner guitarists. To make things simple we've hand picked these amazing packs to include everything you need to start.

  • Playing a blue electric guitar

    Easy to Play

    A comfortable guitar is crucial for happy learning, so we've chosen these particular electric guitar models with that in mind. A comfortable guitar means you'll enjoy playing it more, and that leads to success!

  • Playing a sun burst electric guitar

    Classic styling

    The guitars we've chosen here are all based on classic electric guitar designs. These particular styles have proven themselves to be among the best-loved and most versatile ever. Enjoy these modern and affordable takes on the world's most popular guitar styles, and learn in style!

  • Playing an electric guitar

    Great Value

    Each guitar offers a range of sounds, and all are beautifully finished. The value for money represented here make these choices ideal for the beginner who wants to excel.