Epiphone Power Players

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About Epiphone Power Players

The Epiphone Power Players are designed for younger and new guitar players looking for a beginner guitar. These classically styled guitars come with a great set of features to make your first playing experience an absolute joy. A shorter scale length makes it easy to play and handle while you get to grips with chords, riffs, and playing the guitar overall. Every Epiphone power player has a slim neck which stops you from getting fatigued as you learn and all power player guitars come with Epiphone humbucker pickups which give you a great sound. The Epiphone Power Player series is designed to be your first guitar and what a first guitar it is. A great way to start off any musical journey.


Why Should I Choose an Epiphone Power Player?

  • Shorter scale makes them easy to play
  • Classic shapes
  • Great for new players
  • Great tones out the box

Frequently Asked Questions about Epiphone Power Players

Question: What is the Epiphone Power Player Series?
Epiphone Power Player Series is a series of guitars designed for younger and newer players to offer an easy playing experience with iconic guitars.
Question: Who uses an Epiphone Power Player?
Younger players and new players can make great use of the Epiphone Power Player guitars.