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About Strymon Pedals

Strymon are a high end pedal brand from California. They use analog and digital technology from product to product. Strymon pedals have been an immediate and sustained success.

Strymon are best known for their modulation pedals and time-based effects. Their pedals are known for making processor-intensive sounds available in a simple and direct way. A good example is the Big Sky Reverb pedal, which offers sounds that have never been available before. The Big Sky provides these in a format that is easy to navigate.

Strymon pedals typically have large metal chassis and a clear layout of knobs and switches. They are perfect for guitarists (and other musicians) who want to use powerful effects but do not want to get bogged down with programming and endless options.

The quality of Strymon effects speak for themselves. Come and see for yourself by trying one at your local guitarguitar store, or check out the full range online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Strymon Pedals

Strymon effects are designed by a company called Damage Control Engineering. This company used to make Damage Control valve pedals. Some of the staff members are ex-Line 6 as well. The pedals are all designed and manufactured in America.
The Strymon Sunset has 6 separate overdrive and distortion circuits. These are fed into two channels of three each. And yes, you absolutely can stack the two channels! This gives you a huge palette of overdrive and distortion tones all from one pedal.