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About Gibson Custom Shop Guitars

Gibson Custom Shop, located in Nashville, Tennessee, is where all of the greatest Gibson guitars are made. Les Pauls, SGs, Explorers, Firebirds, Vs and even double neck ES-1275s are all hand made here, using the very top grade woods, hand wound pickups and exhaustively researched and mixed plastics. No stone is left unturned in the quest for authenticity, quality and brilliance. These are the finest new Gibson guitars that money can buy!

The Gibson Custom Shop produce both vintage reissue models (with painstaking attention to detail) and fresh model takes on the classics (neon Les Pauls with Floyd Rose tremolos, for instance!) so you can be sure that there will be a Gibson Custom Shop guitar that matches perfectly with your dreams.

Only a select few are chosen to be authorised Gibson Custom Shop dealers and we are proud to say that guitarguitar is one of them! We have a frankly incredible selection of these dream machines spread throughout our UK stores. Visit us to see them in person or find your favourite guitar online and have it delivered to you!

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Custom Shop Guitars

We have a different selection of Gibson Custom Shop electric guitars at every one of our UK based guitarguitar stores. We often buy numerous editions of similarly specd guitars but every one is different due to the hand picked tops etc. If you find one online that you particularly like, check the guitar's product page to find out which store it's currently located in.
'Hand Picked' refers to the incredible figured maple tops that appear on some of our Custom Shop Les Pauls. A member of our expert team at guitarguitar has physically traveled out to Gibson's Nashville, Tennessee Custom Shop and personally looked though over 750 individual Maple 'blanks' - rectangular pieces of unshaped wood - to pick out only the very best and most stunning dozen or two for use with the Les Pauls we have custom ordered. We can hand on heart say that these tops have been picked out by us to ensure that we get the most incredible, the most gob-smackingly beautiful Custom Shop Les Pauls ever.
The 'Beauty of the Burst' is a famous coffee table book depicting photographic documentation of all surviving original Gibson Les Paul Standard 'Sunburst' models from the years 1958-1960. These are of course the most revered and valuable Les Paul guitars in existence and command six figure (and more!) prices if and when they are made available to buy. Gibson's Custom Shop have spared no effort in taking loan of these immortal guitars and replicating them in every conceivable detail, even down to matching up the particular flame of the Maple tops and the position of the control knobs (yes, they do differ a little from guitar to guitar)! These guitars are premium, best of the best models of the greatest Les Paul ever made. Whenever we take delivery of these guitars, it is an event.