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About Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul

Gibson Custom Shop Les Pauls are perhaps the highest quality Les Paul guitars on the planet. Hand made by Gibson Custom Shop artisans, these prized instruments cover a lot of the Les Paul's history from reissues of Holy Grail 58-60 Standards through to shred-friendly Floyd Rose-equipped models.

Attention to detail, quality of parts and finishing are second to none with these guitars: no element has been left to chance. These are the best of the best when it comes to Les Paul guitars: carefully carved 'dishes' on the very best grade figured Maple, exactingly hand wound pickups, perfectly joined necks with long tenons for greater resonance and a rich choice of colours and finishing options. If you've seen an actual 1959 Les Paul Standard, there is a good chance the Gibson Custom Shop have made an empirically precise replica of it! And if they haven't, you can bet they will!

These incredible instruments are heirlooms as much as they are wonderfully playing tone machines. As such, only a very select few dealers are granted access to them. We are proud to say that we are an authorised Gibson Custom Shop dealer and we have an absolutely incredible selection of these top-tier guitars. If you want to own the best guitars that Gibson has to offer, come to guitarguitar.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul

The Les Paul Axcess is a modern Custom Shop refresh of the classic Les Paul design. Normally seen with an accompanying Floyd Rose tremolo (though not necessarily always the case as hard-tail Axcess guitars do exist), the Les Paul Axcess is a slightly slimmer instrument than typical Les Paul guitars. The 'Axcess' part refers to the reshaped, contoured neck heel which now offers unparalleled access (there's the clue to the name) to the upper frets. Alongside this, there is also a 'belly carve' contour on the back of the body for even more comfort. Specific models have other specific features but these are the main differentials.
This actually changes all the time but you can be sure that all of the significant historical periods will be well catered for, for example: Les Paul Standards from 1958-60, Gold tops from 1957 and Les Paul Customs from 1956 and 1968. Aside from vintage reissues, Gibson's Custom Shop guitars include Les Paul Standards, Customs and Juniors in a wild array of modern interpretations. We are not kidding when we say you can pick a neon Floyd-Rose tremolo equipped Les Paul Custom form a choice of six different incredible colours! Every custom shop guitar is essentially a limited run...if you see something you like, act fast!
All Gibson Les Pauls are mighty instruments and works or art but the Custom Shop models are heirlooms, the very zenith of Gibson Les Paul guitar craft. The details that make them so are numerous. The tops are hand picked and, unless otherwise detailed, are made of 4A or 5A grade figured maple. The 'dish' shape of the arched top is hand-carved twice. The neck dimensions are fastidiously taken from actual late 50s Les Pauls and even the plastic parts are made from 1950s plastic formulas! The PAF-style custom made pickups are second to none and all details are recreated with painstaking attention to detail. Long-tenon necks and hot hide glue ensure a vintage fit for the hand carved neck. There are more details but, in short, no stone is left unturned in the exhaustive quest to offer exact replicas of the most desirable electric guitars on earth.