Condenser Microphones

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About Condenser Microphones

Condenser microphones pick up a more accurate representation of a sound source and are suited for use both on stage and in the studio. Condensor mics are available with a range of features such as large diaphragm, pencil, headset, multipolar pattern, shotgun, stereo or valve powered. guitarguitar stock a massive range of condenser mics, all with impeccable sound quality to ensure that you can get your hands on the correct microphone for your needs, be it for studio recording, field recording, worship, presentations or stage use.

Frequently Asked Questions about Condenser Microphones

Switchable polar patterns offer an increased level of versatility in a microphone and are typically available in Cardioid, Figure 8 and Omni-Directional patterns. Where Cardioid is your standard unidirectional polar pattern, Omni-Directional offers an equal signal all around the microphone. This is good for ambient recordings or for recording a band that are standing around the microphone. Figure 8 is good for recording 2 sources either side of the microphone and is key in certain stereo micing techniques.
Some condenser microphones are sold in matched pairs, which are two identical microphones used to capture a stereo recording. This process works similarly to your own ears, the left and right microphone point towards a source and are captured to 2 tracks on your software/recorder. These are then panned hard left and right and play back as if you were standing in the room with the instrument.
All condenser microphones require Phantom Power, with the exception of certain valve condenser mics which are supplied with a pre-amp and specifically state that you shouldn't operate them with Phantom Power.