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About Truetone Pedals

Truetone are a boutique American pedal brand known for their double footswitch effects. Truetone pedals such as the Jekyll and Hyde distortion have found their way onto lots of high profile pedal boards.

The brand also noted for their 1 Spot power supplies. These frequently save the day at gigs when power supplies go down. They can power many pedals in a daisy chain format.

Truetone effects pedals and power supplies are available from every guitarguitar store. Visit us for a demo or simply browse our full collection online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Truetone Pedals

Question: How many pedals can I power from the 1 Spot Power Supply?
Truetone say you can power over twenty guitar pedals at once. While we have never had any cause to use twenty pedals at once (and we do surprise ourselves with that revelation), we can report that the 1 Spot can happily handle well over ten relatively mainstream effects with no problem at all.