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About Gretsch Acoustic Guitars

Gretsch acoustic guitars are brilliant and eccentric, just like their electric guitar cousins! Gretsch make resonator guitars and small, parlour Jim Dandy models. They also offer larger bodied Rancher acoustics. These acoustic guitars all come in a fantastic range of finishes. They all feature unique details. Depending on the model, these include triangular soundholes, magnetic surface-mounted pickups and even tremolo systems!

Some models are electro acoustic and have Fishman Isys preamp and pickup systems installed. This helps make live performance a viable option. With so much style, flair and sound available from Gretsch acoustics, it would be rude not to let everyone see and hear them! As one of the UK's main authorised Gretsch dealers, we have lots of excellent Gretsch acoustic guitars available. You can try them out in the acoustic department of every guitarguitar store or simply browse here online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gretsch Acoustic Guitars

That would be the Gretsch Rancher G5034TFT, which is indeed fitted with a genuine licensed Bigsby tremolo! It is very unusual to see such a feature on an acoustic guitar. However, we can report that it functions perfectly well and is actually rather interesting to both play and hear. If that were not unusual enough, this guitar is also fitted with a Gretsch FideliTron pickup. This is exactly the same type of pickup found on many of their electric guitars.
The Gretsch rancher guitars are a bit of both, really. They are indeed based heavily on the Ranchers of the 1950s. They include unique features such as the triangular soundhole and sweeping pickguard shape. These Ranchers have modern updates, too. Examples of this are the Fishman pickups and a revised shape that includes a Venetian-style cutaway.
Indeed it does: the Gretsch G5022CE has a solid Spruce top alongside laminated Flame Maple for the back and sides.