Gretsch Rancher

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About Gretsch Rancher

The Gretsch Rancher is a distinctive and handsome acoustic with a long history going right back to the heyday of Rock & Roll. Known for its truly distinctive looks with its bold colour choices and triangular soundhole, the Rancher series boasts a range of models form the handsome and compact Penguin models, right up the G5034TFT, a stunning Savannah Sunset dreadnought with a Bigsby tailpiece and a FideliTron pickup in the neck! Their laminated maple back & sides and solid tops make for a balanced tone with loads of projection that's great for a wide range of styles.

Gretsch Rancher guitars have been seen in the hands of some of the true greats over the years, particularly in the Rock & Roll end of things with Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran and Brian Setzer all making great use of Rancher models.

Why Should I Choose a Gretsch Rancher Guitar?

  • Fantastic Gretsch quality
  • Great features
  • Excellent value
  • Distinct Gretsch Rancher tone
  • Stunning colour options

Frequently Asked Questions about Gretsch Rancher

Question: Are Gretsch Rancher guitars any good?
Yes. Gretsch have a long history of making high quality guitars, and the Rancher series acoustics are no exception. With their durable laminated maple back & sides, solid tops and superb Gretsch hardware, Rancher's are built to perform.
Question: Where are Gretsch Rancher guitars made?
Gretsch Rancher guitars are made at Gretsch's partner factory in Indonesia, just like some of their fantastic electric models.
Question: Who played a Gretsch Rancher?
Gretsch Rancher's have been played over the years by some of the true greats. Eddie Cochran and gene Vincent were known to lay down tracks on a rancher. Brian Setzer, Eric Clapton and Nikki Sixx have all been seen with Rancher's as their go to for a time, and the Rancher even graced the big screen as the flat-top of choice for Robert Duvall's Oscar winning role as a guitar strumming crooner in Tender Mercies.