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About DAW Controllers & Control Surfaces

DAW controllers come in many shapes and sizes. They are made by a number of top brands including Akai, Icon, and Presonus. DAW controllers have been designed to control software features of your Digital Audio Workstation to give you a intuitive setup. Common control features often include pads, knobs, MIDI connections and faders. A DAW control mixer can enhance your workflow and give you an easy way to physically interact with your compatible DAW.

A DAW mixer controller can fit a number of needs. Whether it's playing beats, launching samples and clips, or creating a mix in your DAW, it is no wonder that so many people love to have this halfway point that unlocks easy access to many features.

Why Should I Choose a DAW Controller?

  • A great way to streamline your workflow
  • Many options available to suit a variety of setups
  • Available from several top brands

Frequently Asked Questions about DAW Controllers & Control Surfaces

Question: Can I use a DAW controller as a mixer?
DAW controllers only send information to your recording software and are unable to be used as a mixer, unless you're running multiple tracks into your DAW and wish for the software to act as your mixer.
Question: Do DAW controllers feature motorised faders?
DAW controllers tend not to have motorised faders. There are a few exceptions, for example the Presonus Faderport 8.
Question: What does a DAW controller do?
A DAW controller allows you to operate your studio and music software in an easy and familiar way.
Question: Do I need a DAW controller?
A DAW controller is an excellent way to improve and streamline your workflow for producers, audio engineers, live performers and home recording enthusiasts.
Question: Can a digital mixer be used as a DAW controller?
Usually not as a digital mixer would need to have compatible DAW control in order to be used in this way.
Question: Can I use a DAW controller as part of a DJ setup?
Definitely. It's not rare to see an Ableton Push, Novation Launchpad or Akai MPC Mini as part of an Ableton Live based DJ setup.