Amp Valves

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About Amp Valves

How often you have to change amp valves depends on how loud and how frequently you play. If you are a touring musician, it would be very sensible to travel with spare valves. Playing loud every night, as well as being lugged in and out of vans, is a hard life for a valve so having replacements at the ready.

If you are more of a home player, valves should last several years before burning out. Different amps need different valves so it’s important to get like-for-like replacements.

Frequently Asked Questions about Amp Valves

Question: How do I know if my amp valve is broken?
Low pitched ground noise, high microphonic squeals or no output at all can all be caused by broken amp valves. It’s possible to test valves with a special machine to check if they have broken. But it may well be easier to just get a replacement and see if the problem goes away.
Question: How often should guitar amp valves be replaced?
This depends on\ how loud and how frequently you play. A very loose guideline would be to replace valves after 1,000 hours of playing.