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About Schecter Guitars

Schecter guitars are one of the world’s biggest and most recognisable guitar brands. Based in California, Schecter started out as a bespoke custom shop. At this time they made one-off instruments for high-end clients like Mark Knopfler and Lou Reed. Acquired by Japanese entrepreneur Hisatake Shibuya in the late 80s, Schecter continued to make custom built instruments. They also began to move forward with original designs. Many of these, like the Tempest and the Avenger, are popular shapes today and define much of the image and attitude of Schecter.

Schecter are very much thought of as a ‘rock star’ brand. They endorse colourful, contemporary artists like Avenged Sevenfold’s Sinister Gates. This is in addition to cult heroes like The Cure’ Robert Smith and Ministry’s Al Jourgensen. Such endorsements have marked Schecter as being distinct from more traditional guitar brands. Their reputation for using brand name hardware in their high quality imported Diamond Series guitars was has won them a strong and loyal fanbase amongs the newer generations of rock guitarists. Schecter are a flamboyant and innovative brand for players who know the past but look to the future.

Schecter are one of out top electric guitar brands here at guitarguitar. We have a huge passion and enthusiasm for the brand and keep one of the largest selections available anywhere in the UK. Each of our stores has a comprehensive selection of models (including left-handed models. Head down to your local guitarguitar to see these marvellous guitars in all of their beauty. You can also browse online and have your dream Schecter delivered to you free of charge.

What Makes Schecter Guitars Different?

  • Huge range of 7 and 8 string models
  • Models tend to use the brand's own designs rather than classic ones
  • Have been played by artists including Prince, Simon Gallup and Machine Gun Kelly
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Schecter Guitars

    Schecter's C-1 shape, otherwise known as the 'Classic', is their most popular choice of body shape.
    With the exception of bespoke Custom guitars made in California (this includes the USA Production Series), all Schecter guitars are made in South Korea, with final set up work carried out in California.
    Schecter make a broad range of instruments that cater to a wide audience. That being said, their forté is arguably Heavy Rock and Metal so you'll encounter a lot of Mahogany bodies and powerful pickups on Schecter guitars.
    Schecter have had lots of success with famous artists endorsing them. In addition to bands with signature instruments lie The Cure and Avenged Sevenfold, you'll find Schecters being played by Mark Knopfler, Pete Townsend, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Ministry, Stone Temple Pilots and many more pro players.
    It's difficult to say because lots of ranges cross over each other and share shapes between them but there are over 20 ranges to choose form, each with lots of shapes and specs. That is a LOT of variety!