Schecter Omen

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About Schecter Omen

The Schecter Omen range are a very affordable and effective series of guitars that allow you to get a good taste of Schecter's style and quality for a low price.

A number of options are available within the Omen range including several body shapes, bridge styles and finishes: you can even get 7 and 8 string Omen guitars! There are left handed guitars and basses too, making the Omen a rather comprehensive corner of the Schecter catalogue.

As of of the UK's biggest authorised Schecter dealers, we have a wide and colourful selection of Omen models available both online and at each of our UK showrooms to try and buy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Schecter Omen

Question: What sort of pickups are in the Schecter Omen 8?
The current Schecter Omen 8 comes fitted with a pair of Schecter's own ceramic Diamond Plus humbuckers for effective heavy tones.
Question: What is the difference between the Omen and the Omen Extreme?
The main difference is the addition of a quilted Maple top. Because of this, there are lots of different finish choices. Other than this, the Omen Extreme has Abalone & Pearloid 'Vector' inlays where the Omen has Pearloid 'Semi Goth' inlays.
Question: What body shapes do the Omen guitars come in?
Most Schecter Omen guitars are 'C' shaped, that is, the Classic shape of the C-1, C-6 guitars and so on. The Omen is also available in the S-II shape with a choice of finishes.