Drum Pads and Triggers

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Drum Pads and Triggers

Electric drum pads and triggers can be used with your electronic drum module or percussion pad to expand your number of playing surfaces. Drum pads can be in the style of snares, toms, cymbals and hi-hats, and play just like the real thing but at only a fraction of the volume. Triggers are designed to clip onto your acoustic drum so it can be used in the same way as a drum pad: hit your drum and the trigger instantly tells your drum module to play a sound. When used with acoustic drums this process is generally used for layering sounds on top of or underneath the natural sound of your drums in an effort to enhance them. However it is possible to use mesh pads with your acoustic shells to achieve the look of an acoustic drum kit, with the reduced volume and functionality of an electric drum kit.

Frequently Asked Questions about Drum Pads and Triggers

No, all of our drum pads and triggers are interchangeable, so a Roland trigger will work with your Yamaha module and so on.
Drum pads feature a piezo pickup under a rubber or mesh pad. When the pad is struck, the pickup sends a signal down a cable to your drum module and tells it to a play a sound. All pads are velocity sensitive and some feature multiple playing zones or even a playable rim.