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About TGI Accessories

Choosing TGI Accessories gives you access to a range of products that ensure you get the very most out of your instrument with an eye on top quality performance and value. TGI Music Accessories to choose from include their high quality guitar straps and tuners, as well as padded gig bags and hard cases. Everything you could ask for from an accessories brand!

Why Should I Choose TGI Accessories?

  • Quality, performance and value in every product
  • A range of accessories to choose from
  • TGI Accessories help ensure the top performance of your instrument

Frequently Asked Questions about TGI Accessories

Question: Are TGI accessories any good?
Yes! TGI Accessories deliver a fantastic balance of performance and value, bringing you excellent products at an excellent price.
Question: What are TGI accessories good for?
TGI accessories are great for getting the very best out of your instrument, whether that means you need optimum protection from their range of bags and cases, or staying in tune on the fly with their headstock tuners!
Question: What guitar accessories do TGI produce?
TGI produce a range of accessories, including robust gig bags, reliable hard cases and great quality tuners, among a host of others!