TGI Gig Bags

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About TGI Gig Bags

TGI Gig Bags are a superb range of guitar bags that provide your beloved instruments with a great degree of protection. Made from a hard wearing grey woven cover, and reinforced with 20mm of heavy padding and velour lining TGI gig bags are excellent options for keeping your musical instruments out of harms way. TGI gig bags come in a variety of ranges, the most popular being the TGI Extreme Gig Bag series, which offers high protection and a great deal of comfort and mobility.

Why Should I Choose a TGI Gig Bag?

  • Reliable
  • Great Price
  • Great Materials
  • Comfortable

Frequently Asked Questions about TGI Gig Bags

Question: What types of instruments do TGI make gig bags for?
TGI make gig bags for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, banjo, and mandolin.
Question: Can I use a TGI gig bag for any guitar?
No. TGI gig bags come in different sizes and shapes for different types of guitar. The electric guitar gig bag will fit most standard guitar shapes, however some extreme shapes such as V, or Explorer style guitars won't be suitable.
Question: What ranges are TGI gig bags available in?
TGI gig bags come in a variety of options for different musical instruments. The TGI Extreme range has options for electric and acoustic guitars, to folk instruments such as mandolins and banjos.