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About Ibanez BTB

The Ibanez BTB Series is one of Ibanez's main bass ranges. With an ethos of boutique design and quality at affordable Ibanez prices, the BTB range is uniquely special. Beautifully styled with deep cutaways and neck-through construction, and built with complex precision arrangements of exotic woods, the BTB range offers a lot for the bassist who craves uniqueness.

The normal Ibanez bass scale length is 34" but BTB basses use a 35" scale for greater stability and a tighter feel. Each BTB bass also has a zero fret to give open notes the same resonance as fretted notes with passive tone control on treble pot. As usual, Ibanez use excellent hardware. BTB basses are fitted with either Bartolini or Aguilar pickups, depending on model. The range is spread across three collections - Standard, Premium & Bass Workshop - and all UK guitarguitar stores carry these wonderful instruments.

Other features include the neck-through construction and medium stainless steel frets - perfect for busy touring schedules or demanding studio tracking, stainless steel frets go the extra mile and the construction keeps the sustain to a very high level.

A selection of our Ibanez BTB guitars come included with a guitar gig bag or hard case.


Why Should I Choose an Ibanez BTB Guitar?

  • Boutique design and high quality for affordable Ibanez prices
  • Very reliable and ready for a long life on the road
  • Excellent construction and levels of craft

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez BTB

Question: Which Ibanez collections is the BTB available in?
Ibanez have made their inspiring BTB selection of bass models available in their Standard, Premium and top end Bass Workshop collections. There are a wide range of models available with different hardware, wood and even shape choices.