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About Fender Custom Shop Bass

Fender Custom Shop Bass guitars are the ultimate representations of the Precision and Jazz basses. They combine vintage style with modern playability and famous finishing options including the famous 'Relic' style, available in several stages of intensity from 'Lush Closet Classic' to 'Heavy Relic'.

Bass is a big deal for us at guitarguitar and since we are one of the UK's largest authorised Fender Custom Shop dealers, we keep a particularly good selection of Custom Shop basses in all of our stores.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Custom Shop Bass Guitars

We keep a selection of Fender Custom Shop basses in each of our UK stores. Click through to the ones you like on our website and you'll be able to see which store is holding that particular bass.
They certainly do! The Artist Signature basses are generally limited edition models and it pays to check which ones are currently in production. Fender Custom Shop have made Artist Signature basses for Pino Palladino, Dusty Hil, Jaco Pastorius and Adam Clayton among many others.
These special finishes found on certain Fender Custom Shop basses and guitars are a nod to the practices of the past. Legend has it that Fender builders automatically sprayed every instrument on the production line Sunburst as a matter of course. When a request for a custom order came in, they would simply grab the relevant Sunburst instrument and spray directly over the top before reappplying the nitrocellulose lacquer and sending the guitar out for dispatch. Nowadays, Fender Custom Shop are paying tribute to this practice whilst having fun making cool combinations of finishes. This is normally a sunburst underneath something bolder such as Olympic White or Fiesta Red. The idea is that the more you play it, bump it, scratch it etc over the years, the more of the 'original' finish underneath shows through. It's a cool concept and it is based on Fender's history.