Pitch Shifters

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About Pitch Shifters

These days, it’s hard to find anything more innocently fun than a pitch shifter pedal.

There are two main ways to use a pitch-shifting pedal. The first, as popularised by the Digitech Whammy, shifts your whole guitar signal up or down from a semi-tone to two full octaves. This can be used for wild, impossible glissandos. It can also be used more subtly, to replicate lower tunings without the hassle of having to retune your guitar.

The second way is to add a pitch-shifted signal on top of your normal signal; typically in an octave interval. This is what the Electro Harmonix POG does.

Famous fans of the pitch shifter include Tom Morello, Ed O’Brien, and Jack White.

Why Should I Choose a Pitch Shifter?

  • Transform your guitar
  • Great for texture
  • Mimic a twelve string or a bass

Frequently Asked Questions about Pitch Shifters

Question: What does a pitch shifter do?
A pitch shifter changes the pitch of the note or chord you are playing. Either instead of the original guitar signal or combining with it.
Question: What type of guitar player needs a pitch shifter?
Not tone purists! Pitch shifters have been adopted by guitarists with an experimental bent, unafraid of whacky, artificial tones.
Question: Where does a pitch shifter go in a chain?
Pitch shifter pedals typically go either immediately before or immediately after overdrive and distortion pedals, depending on your preference