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About Cables

Cables are an essential part of modern music. Even if your preference is for acoustic instruments, you will need them for live performance and recording.

At guitarguitar, we have a huge supply of cabling available in stock for a multitude of uses. Alongside instrument cables, we have cables for amps, XLR mics and speakers. We also stock patch cables and a myriad of other connectors to supply your studio or live rig.

The cables we keep in stock are generally available in a range of sizes and prices to reflect both professional and hobbyist markets.

We keep cables by top brands like Fender, Klotz, TOURTECH and Planet Waves. Browse our entire selection online and order everything you need with the touch of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cables

We have two recommendations for you. First is the TOURTECH TTIC-N3R. This is a reliable and affordable 10ft cable with two straight ended jacks. If you require a right angled jack, go for the TOURTECH TTIC-N3PLR. Our other recommendation is the Fender Performance Instrument cable in Black. It is available, like the TOURTECH, with two straight jacks or one straight and one angled jack.
The main difference is the sleeve. Custom Shop cables are covered in a braided material that stops them from getting twisted and kinked. This is turns preserves the integrity of the cable and prolongs its life.
That used to be the case 30 and 40 years ago. These days they are made to much higher standards with proper shielding and reinforcement. Curly cables from Ernie Ball and Fender's Hendrix cables are excellent quality.