Fenech Guitars

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About Fenech Guitars

Fenech Guitars are the brainchild of Australian luthier Aaron Fenech. Working from a small workshop in Miami, Queensland, Aaron combines decades of study and craftsmanship including automotive refinishing, carpentry and a Bachelor of Science degree to create these beautiful guitars that push the boundaries of design and tone. Each Fenech guitar has been designed to produce the sweetest tone and the result is breathtaking. Through their innovative design, Fenech Guitars capture a certain magic that's often missing in other guitars and once experienced, it's very hard to go back to a regular guitar.

Why Should I Choose a Fenech Guitar?

  • Incredible tones
  • Effortless playability
  • Beautifully hand crafted

Frequently Asked Questions about Fenech Guitars

Question: Are Fenech guitars any good?
Yes, Fenech have a growing reputation as being some of the finest hand-crafted guitars, not just in Australia, but in the world.
Question: Where are Fenech guitars made?
Fenech guitars are made in a small purpose built workshop metres from Australia’s Gold Coasts.
Question: Are Fenech guitars reliable?
Yes, Fenech guitars are made to an incredible standard using premium tonewoods and components.