Drum Monitors

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About Drum Monitors

Drum Monitors are purpose built, specially designed speaker systems for faithfully recreating the wide array of sounds produced by your digital drum kit, at volumes to be heard along with your bandmates. There's also nothing quite like the freedom of playing without being encumbered by cabled headphones while hearing every nuance of your digital kits tones.

Digital drum kits can produce a very complex and wide ranging series of tones, from high impact, low frequency kick sounds, to sparkling, shimmering cymbal sounds, to the whole array of synth sounds at your disposal, so you need an amp that can do it all at once, and that's where electronic drum monitors come in.

Why Should I Choose a Drum Monitor?

  • Faithfully reproduce the complex frequency spread of your digital drum kit
  • Play out loud at a volume to keep up with your bandmates
  • Gives you the freedom to play your digital kit without headphones or in-ear monitors

Frequently Asked Questions about Drum Monitors

Question: What is a drum monitor?
A drum monitor is a dedicated powered speaker for faithfully amplifying the sound of your digital drum kit, letting you play out loud free of headphones or in-ear monitors.
Question: Do drummers need monitors?
Yes if you play a digital drum kit, it's important to hear your chosen sound profile, and hearing it at a volume that competes with your bandmates is paramount to the playing experience!
Question: Do drum monitors play back in stereo?
The speaker itself will be mono, but it will accept a stereo signal.
Question: Do drums need an amp?
Most sound modules are headphone compatible, but there's nothing quite like playing completely unencumbered by headphones and cables.
Question: What amp can I use for electronic drums?
There are some great Drum Monitors out there, like the Roland PM-100, or Laney DrumHub DH80. Whatever you choose make sure it is a dedicated Drum Kit Amp to faithfully recreate the full spectrum of tones your digital drum kit can produce.