Roland Drum Monitors

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About Roland Drum Monitors

Roland drum monitors allow you to amplify your electronic drum kit without any loss of sound quality. Drums cover the widest range of frequencies, from super-low kick drums to high-end cymbal crashes. This is why not just any speaker is going to work with your kit.
Roland drum monitors are built to evenly distribute the full range of frequencies, ensuring you get the best possible sound from your kit. With options for amplified practice at home, in the rehearsal room and on stage, we've got the Roland drum monitors to suit your needs.


Why Should I Choose a Roland Drum Monitor?

  • Premium sound quality
  • Reliable hardware
  • Lightweight and portable

Frequently Asked Questions about Roland Drum Monitors

Question: Which Roland drum monitor is best for live use?
The Roland Roland PM-200 is a powerful stage monitor designed specifically for V-Drums. It can emit the full frequency range and great volume so you can always hear your kit on stage.
Question: Which Roland drum monitor is best for rehearsing with a band?
The PM-100 is a compact monitor that's great for band practice. With plenty of power, you'll be able to hear yourself over the other instruments.
Question: Which Roland drum monitor is best for home practice?
The PM-03 has been designed specifically for home practice. It gives out a controlled sound to the player, without producing lots of rumble into your floorboards.